About Visage

Visage is a program you can use to rapidly organise and visualise information. You can use it to organise your thoughts, or any sort of information that needs to be thoroughly "cross referenced".

Compared to other similar programs, it is based on two main principles:

Current versions of Visage have several major limitations - namely no ability to view information in hierarchies, and no ability to export/import information to foreign file formats.

Visage is released under the GNU GPL, and relies on the Bakery2 framework for C++ GNOME2 applications.

Visage is also developed with the assistance of Anjuta, Valgrind, GVD and Regexxer.

If you like you can monitor Visage on SourceForge to automatically get notified when new versions are released. To do this, click on the "Monitor" icon on the main project page.

Latest Versions

Latest Semi-Stable Release: 0.1.1, "Razor's Edge"

Released 2003-02-12

This fixes minor bugs with widget sensitivity found in 0.1.

It requires exactly Bakery 1.3.8 and Bakery_GnomeUI 1.3.1, which have APIs incompatible with Bakery 1.3.5, the version that 0.1 was designed to work with.

Latest Unstable Development Release: 0.2alpha1, "Deep Fried Motherboard"

Released 2003-02-12

This adds:

  • the ability to define what nodes and edges appear on a view
  • close buttons on view tabs
  • a fully functional recent nodes/edges implementation
  • less eager locking when there are multiple editors for the same element
  • more warm fuzzy code and less cold prickly code

It requires exactly Bakery 1.3.8, exactly Bakery_GnomeUI 1.3.1, GTKMM 2.2.0 or later and GTK+ 2.2.1 or later.

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0.2alpha3: 0.2alpha4

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