0.2alpha1, "Deep Fried Motherboard", Released 2003-02-12

This adds:

It requires exactly Bakery 1.3.8, exactly Bakery_GnomeUI 1.3.1, GTKMM 2.2.0 or later and GTK+ 2.2.1 or later.

0.1.1, "Razor's Edge", Released 2003-02-12

This fixes minor bugs with widget sensitivity found in 0.1.

It requires exactly Bakery 1.3.8 and Bakery_GnomeUI 1.3.1, which have APIs incompatible with Bakery 1.3.5, the version that 0.1 was designed to work with.

0.1, "Crash This, I Dare Ya!"

This fixes minor bugs found in beta2.

0.1beta2, "It's Amazing What A Missing Character Can Do ..."

This fixes various bugs found in beta1, including crashes. Note that beta2 requires Bakery 1.3.5, whereas beta1 only required 1.3.3.

0.1beta1, "Setting The Scene"

The first public release.

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